Serving Atlantic City's Hungry Since 1982

This is a photo of hungry people entering Jean Webster's Kitchen at Pacific and Pennsylvania Avenues. © Friends of Jean Webster, Inc All Rights Reserved

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(a.k.a. Sister Jean's Kitchen)


What are you doing this Saturday night? Here's an idea!

This is a poster advertising Proud Mary's Fundraiser for Jean Webster's Kitchen

A Great BIG "THANK YOU" to everyone!

Thanks to all the folks who came out on such a dreadful night - a howlin' Nor'Easter.
Thanks to The Laguna Grill in Brigantine for donating the dinners and their restaurant.
Thanks to the CODI staff  - Lori Jo, Joanne, Karen, and, of course,
our Board President and CODI's Pres/CEO, Linda Carney.
Thanks to the gift basket makers - Marty Inman, Deb Enderlin, and Karen Mayer.

Jean Webster's Kitchen raised over $11,000 on the event.
And that will feed a lot of hungry people.



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Continuing in the spirit of Sister Jean Webster


This is a photo of Jean Webster, a.k.a. Sister Jean, from our Hearts and Hand brochure. © Friends of Jean Webster, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Jean Webster long ago gave her heart to Jesus, and somehow her hands just couldn't help following. For twenty-nine years she praised God with her heart and her hands, and fed the homeless and hungry people of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In 1982, the former casino chef got what she calls a wake-up call from God when she saw a homeless man digging through the garbage for food in the pouring rain. “After I fed him that night, and him and a friend the next day, I asked God what to do. And God said, 'Just feed them. I'll take care of you.'''

Sister Jean (as she was fondly called) has so trusted that call that for many years, when she was feeding growing numbers of needy people from her own kitchen and her own pocketbook she spent her medicine money to buy food for them. ''People always meant more to me than my health,'' she says.

''In fact, if it wasn't for the Presbyterians, I'd probably be dead by now.'' Support from First Presbyterian Church of Atlantic City, which renovated its kitchen for her use in 1997, and from the Presbyterian Hunger Program which channeled ‘One Great Hour of Sharing’ gifts into Sister Jean's ministry, enabled her to maintain and expand it without forgoing her heart medicine.

Sister Jean knew what it meant to give without calculating, trusting in God to provide for her needs. She knew that just as her hands had been God's way of serving the hungry of Atlantic City, God had used a lot of other hands to sustain her. Let us follow her example and open our hearts and our hands to God's service. We can do that today through generous gifts to Jean Webster’s Kitchen.


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